Monday, June 14, 2010

Blue Samurai Best Indomitable Lions

The 2010 World Cup has its first upset!

On the American broadcast, the commentators went out of their way to inform viewers just how good the Cameroonian side was. They are bigger and more athletic; 22 of 23 team members play professionally in Europe. Samuel Eto’o is regarded as one of the top five players in the world. And, Cameroon was playing a virtual home game.

Meanwhile, Japan had a problem of giving up too many goals and scoring too many. The team was criticized for passing too much. Most team members played domestically in the J-League; they had no world-class players.

All of this was true, but none of it mattered. On the stroke of the 38th minute, Keisuke Honda, the only noteworthy Japanese player the commentators mentioned before the game, found himself alone in front of the goal with the ball at his feet. He calmly flicked it past the keeper, and Japan took a one nil lead it would never relinquish.

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